Building Altars

One of the greatest benefits of the Christian journey is the ability to connect divine dots as a means of discerning long-term vision and maintaining inspiration.  Of course the Word of God (not only the text but our intimate conversation with Him), along with the collective feedback from fellow journeymen and our accountable, sustainable outcomes, all must be factored in to qualify as discernment.

However, the true challenge for the believer, as I observe, might be simply that we often build far too few altars to memorialize these dots and eventually those unmarked moments become lost in the hustle of ‘life’ as we know it in America.

This all came to my mind yesterday as I addressed a group of emerging leaders bent on transforming the church as we know it (hats off to them by the way). 

Somehow in the moment it was as if the Lord kept pouring into my mind “Kodak moments” retained for sharing…stories that had garnered much endearment to me over the years and each time with their sharing, my own vision was renewed.  It also seemed that as I shared those stories, that renewed vision added a deeper sense of capacity to bite off whatever next assignment the Lord might next bring into my life…at my age, I was encouraged, a powerful spiritual dynamic was at work! 

However, those moments were there first because by grace I had acted in obedience over time, but also because they have been marked repeatedly through my testimony, as well as my writing and journaling.  Our lives are unique and deserve  recording, not only so that we may marvel, though we will if we walk in obedience to the God of the Universe; but also for the next generation, providing “altars” of encouragement as they move into the unknowns of their era.

The bottom line of my writing is to en-courage the younger to not only pursue God, but also to celebrate those pursuits through the occasional revisiting of their “thin moments”, recording outcomes and even building new altars, so that in the last days of one’s life, more than a history lesson exists…rather,  a passionate, all but overwhelming gushing forth of His presence comes when your tell His Story!

I experienced that just yesterday and am revived!

One thought on “Building Altars

  1. John,

    Thank you for the encouragement to build altars. One of my deepest fears is that I will get to the end of this life and yet not remember much of it. I can barely recall the details of many otherwise memorable moments in my life- brain deficiency or just flat out distracted I guess. So, now I am more careful to erect altars (write a song, write a note, take a photo, a video, etc.). When God provided our home for us up here, I ripped the buried real estate sign out of the mud and hung it on the later-to-be-completed wall of my garage. The “thin moments” are never fun in the moment, but man, do they make me want to take the next hill.

    I recall that Joshua once said one time, somewhere (specific enough?) that they would build altars so that when their children passed by, they would serve as ice breakers for dialogue about the activity of God.

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