Reaching Beyond Your Grasp

It seems that the Lord has used Oswald Chambers to speak into my life more than usual this year.  Yesterday I had a conversation with partners regarding the place our various initiatives seemed to be economically, socially and spiritually.  Now having pursued Kingdom enterprise for some time, it seems that we are into territory heretofore not experienced.  Have we boasted of being Kingdom player’s and in fact pursued God to a place that now requires a different commitment than either of us had dared to walk before?

In My Utmost for His Highest, December 22, Chamber’s states, “Every man is made to reach out beyond his grasp.”   We seem to be there financially, intellectually and now spiritually.  Dare we go further or shall we turn back and miss what our entire journey with God was directed toward?  I think not!

Are we prepared for this level of play?  Not within ourselves, but our prayer has been Christ alone all these years.  Has He heard us, privileged us to stumble into the Kingdom at last?  Chambers goes on to say “I am introduced into the relationship buy the miracle of God and my own will to believe” (earlier described as a violent will), “then I begin to get an intelligent appreciation and understanding of the wonder of the transaction.”

We are beginning to comprehend the wonder of this journey with Yahweh, in some ways like Joseph, the “step-father” of Jesus.  After all the conversations and dreams from God, Mathew writes in 1:24, “When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him….”

I myself and others in partnership with me have prayed and sought after a life that was Kingdom oriented, directed by Christ alone, lives that demanded “a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Him.”

In my life it seems as if God has heard me and now I wake up in the middle of great Kingdom activity, transactions at a pace now outside my league of play…wonder.

I have no moral choice but to follow.

One thought on “Reaching Beyond Your Grasp

  1. Recent Email comment from reader:

    I’ve just hired a highly skilled man with larger management experience than my own and I have no way to pay him. He agreed to 100% commission, but I have little experience in bringing in leads for business. I have no idea if efforts made will produce any fruit. I’m in over my head, for sure.

    I’m on the board of a company with operations based in Latin America having little understanding of the culture and no ability to speak the language. To top it off, it’s in an industry in which I have no experience or training. Yet, I’m a decision-maker for strategic and operational direction. Way over my head.

    At the same time, I’m seeing how broken I really am (broken as in, “it doesn’t work,” not as in humble or something). Even my attempts to seek God are full of pride and selfish ambition. Been coming to the realization that my life proves I obviously don’t believe much of my own doctrine (i.e., what I say I believe, or think I should believe). There is hardly a good motive in me – all the ones I thought I had seem to have an anchor in pride or selfishness. I need God to help me believe rightly in God. Over my head, just to have faith.

    So, if being in over my head is anything like reaching beyond my grasp, I’m there. I’m ready for something more-beyond my teeny level of capability and capacity. I’m ready for something beyond American churchism, consumerism, and “conservatism.” I’m too far out on multiple limbs to turn back now. I’m committed to know Kingdom living and Kingdom economy, even if I go broke, and/or die, trying. As Kingdom does happen, it will only be God, for sure.

    So what’s next….?

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