A Conundrum

“An intricate and difficult problem” per Webster and yes, I have one.  A word to the churches that many do not want to hear, along with a feeling that if I keep saying it, I will loose what minimal audience I have, many of whom are my dearest friends.  Then came the text read this a.m., pressing me farther into that problem:

Jeremiah 23:29 “‘Is not my word like fire,’ declares the Lord, ‘and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?’” 

Not what I needed my eyes to fall on first thing this a.m. and that only after reading my daily devotional from Oswald Chambers who cautions when one is reluctant to continue what he feels the Lord is leading him to do because of his own assessment of its good or bad…even if trying to protect the Lord’s name from injury.

That’s the way I feel after possibly my strongest word yet on Friday…even modified for clarity and “harshness” early Saturday morning!

I love the Church, the Body of Christ.  I affirm the churches that are doing good and Godly things in our communities and many are.  Yet our nation is struggling and I am convinced that the turn around will not be “them” repenting but us, the Church.

Yet, seldom do I get a response from what I would call mainstream believers unless I post some kind of “zippity do da” message about how wonderful the day is…even though I have some wonderful and productive days.  My life is not miserable, my words are just hard!

I wish I could write like Tom Ehrlich (see WS Journal 3/27/10), who compliments those who are doing good things, loving mercy, walking humbly their God, serving the poor, “the least of these” while edging the church toward the reality of the necessity of change. 

However hundreds more are simply co-habiting facilities in competition for the sake of some personality who lives off the income of those gullible enough to think that dressing up for church and attendance on Sunday, even with a small check is precious to God. 

Many of those very individuals are now reeling from an economy broken by unwise decisions among ungodly leaders (this is not an anti-health care statement).  However, our own Vice-president’s “ata boy” to a well meaning President at the health care press launch included the “f” word on national television!

I’ve got to stop this for I feel to go any further would cross some line that even I fear!

One thought on “A Conundrum

  1. John,

    I have good news for you – the gospel! God is not frustrated with His body, despite all we’re not doing, not doing enough, not doing right, and shouldn’t be doing. No! For Him to be frustrated means He does not know the end from the beginning, and He does. Frustration isn’t an attribute of God, Who saw this time with His Church when He planned (before the foundation of the world) for His only begotten Son, Jesus, to come and pay the excruciatingly unimaginable price for all sin for all time! He knew the real enemy.

    God said we wrestle not with flesh and blood. He saw the effects of it on flesh and blood better than we do, but He didn’t continue to wrestle with the flesh and blood about all of it. The wrestling is to be done against the principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Are you frustrated? The war you wage is to be against those same powers, rulers, etc., and you step into the victory Jesus already won if you will wage it from your proper perspective – seated in Christ at the right hand of God – seeing from His perspective (on high, above the trees and even the forest!) When you battle from this place, the words of correction will not come with condemnation and have little effect, but will come with the authority of God, Who is love. You will no longer have to keep trying to reassure that you love the church, for those with ears to hear will hear God’s love in the midst of the correction.

    Remember, the gospel is good news even for wayward Christians – good news of God’s grace and the power of His Spirit to bring change – not our begging, pleading, chastising, or even patting on the back – only His Spirit working through us as we live it out by His grace through faith in Him and what He has already done!

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