Life in the Kingdom is Exciting even Good,but not Always Nice

I am recovering this morning from a phenomenal time with my daughter yesterday evening, as she returned to her home after completing a long day in her graduate program, only to be surprised by a birthday dinner with Dad at the grill. 

Life is good for the Bost’s.

This morning I began my devotionals by reading from Matthew 14.  Being less than a Bible scholar, I am not sure if all that is recorded around this chapter happened in the same window of time as one might read it?  If so, a frenzy of spiritual activity was surely happening around this God-man, Jesus.  Herod had cranked up his birthday party with lewd dances by a daughter whose Mom was on a mission.  Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist was in prison, no doubt struggling with who this man was, that had caused him to leap in Elizabeth’s womb. 

Demonic activity was thick on that dance floor; meanwhile this God-man must have borne sorrow close to that of Gethsemane!   Helpless amid the sovereignty of God, though able to call down angels if so moved!  The emotion occurring that day must have been phenomenal?  Think of the distraction that must have been in the mind this man of God?

Yet His compassion toward the physically ill, responds with miracles delivered among this crowd of spiritually needy; even though he had just left the challenges of his hometown brothers, amazed one moment and offended the next. 

Why am I zeroing in on this text?  Just caught by the thought that Jesus…fully man, moved by compassion for his cousin’s plight, even meeting all the needs of these Christ-seekers, he was noticeably absent in John’s martyr moment?   

Here is the providence of God played out, for He is sovereign, and though a travesty occurs with John’s head delivered on a platter to Herod’s entertainer, truth marches on, though life is not always nice to the truth-tellers.

Hearing of this loss, Jesus withdrew…desiring in His flesh to be alone.  Yet before He could arrive crowds had gathered and the Man of God was again moved with compassion, healing the sick while dealing with clueless disciples.  Breaking bread and a couple of fish, he feeds five thousand; with left-over’s gleaned by his now amazed followers!

 Life is exciting for Christ-followers!

Meanwhile, the storms continue to brew both spiritually and physically, producing the moment we all heard about in Sunday school as Jesus comes walking along side the boat of these frantic Christ followers, Peter stepping out on the waves, better preparing Peter for Pentecost!

Life is good for the God-seeker!

3 thoughts on “Life in the Kingdom is Exciting even Good,but not Always Nice

  1. If Jesus could have prevented Johns brutal and ignominious martyrdom, why didn’t He? Could it be that He had insight from the Father that this is how John’s life would end? That will screw with any prosperity gospel, huh?

  2. You raise an interesting point by referring to the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist. I too have no credentials as a biblical scholar but it would appear Jesus clearly had much esteem for John given his comments in Matthew chapter 11. Surely he had some prophetic understanding of the fate John faced yet he submitted to the lordship of the father and did nothing to divert John’s execution. This gives me some sense of the love, compassion, and respect that motivated the response of Jesus to John’s inquiry in Chapter 11 regarding the Messiah. These are the last words Jesus will share with his cousin and man who “prepared the way” for him. The exchange between jesus and John by way of messengers reveals their honesty, loyalty, and courage as each goes about kingdom interests setting aside personal ambition and safety.

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