Dare to Believe

So, what if one were to fully believe in this God of Creation, this Ancient of Days who spoke these vast heavens into existence? 

I mean, fully received into intimate relationship, this friend of humanity who sits over the Universe, but in some mystical way is able to reside within those same individuals, as if each alone were the sole habitation of God? 

Could such faith by a few unleash the I Am of Moses, a God sufficient for the Red Sea moments now facing our democracy?

What if in this critical moment for our nation, a band of followers no longer enslaved to religion and its institutional rigors but rather deeply committed to being Christ to their communities, stepped individually into leadership wherever God had placed them?

What if those same individuals, boldly seized upon the life situations now facing this great land and lived out the principals of Christ in the face of financial ruin, ominous deficits of wisdom and political unrest, proclaiming justice and mercy, redemption and love, without requirement for reciprocation?

Could this be the Church’s greatest moment, unshackled from the churches, and their prophets of prosperity, whose false leaders have professed a form of godliness, yet denied the power of the One true God?  Some, even denying the blessings of God prostituted by these other false prophets, themselves offering orthodoxy alone in stale museums of past religious cultures as their measure of piety; both professions insufficient for the day in which we live.

If one would go there, will all credibility be lost, even for those individuals who may have previously offered decades of community service, sacrificing the support of both the religious and the political community?  What about opportunities for income in a time when all purses are strained?

“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

2 thoughts on “Dare to Believe

  1. I have taken the time this morning to catch up reading your entries from True Compassion to Dare to Believe. I did this in the context of the Oswald Chambers MUFHH entry “Usefulness or Relationship”. I initially experienced some cognitive dissonance but in the end had my own aha that I now struggle to put into words. I read your entries about demonstration of compassion to others, childlike obedience, taking risk, stepping into leadership, etc. and came to the familiar conclusion that I do not have sufficient relationship with the incomprehendable God of an ever expanding universe to take up the least of the challenges I experience in your statements. You spoke of God becoming human to afford us relationship with Him and Chambers emphasizes relationship above service, so what must I do to have the relationship needed to respond in kingdom worthy fashion to the challenges of our time? This has been the struggle in me for far too long. I know about grace. I named my first daughter the Greek equivalent of the term. Yet application of the concept with increasing depth and meaning never seems to end. The aha came as I contemplated my relationship with my children. What must they do for me to love them and make provision for them and be in relationship with them? The first two require nothing of them! The answer to the third is that they only need to make themselves available to me. Call me and share their thoughts. Let me know their needs. Spend some time with me saying nothing or sharing every thought in their head. I wish I could find words to communicate the perspective this gives to my relationship with God the father. At the risk of over simplicity, naivety, and childlike thinking, I choose to pursue a relationship with a father who loves me and longs to hear from me. A father I can honor without reservation and brag on him to anyone. A father who is accessible to me and with whom I do not have to exercise formality. If I pursue this relationship for the sake of the relationship, I can trust the outcomes in my life.

  2. I love your heart and long to be in community with those of the depth of reflection you possess. Dear God, find a way for those sincere to escape the shallow banks of today’s Christianity, exposing the fanthoms of relationship there to be enjoyed by the hungry hearts who grope for true companionship in Christ.

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