Yesterday was such a powerful moment in my life as I attended memorial services for an esteemed community leader.

As a protestant believer, I seldom have the privilege of attending a Catholic mass.  The ancient hymns, the rich liturgy and the spirit of the elderly leader of the Diocese who gave the homily was awe inspiring.  At times I found myself catching the tears that occasionally escaped my eyelids.

The stories of time spent with Mother Teresa, as told by this old saint, and the gentle spirit with which this priest had earlier ministered to our departed community friend, brought abundant  evidence of Christ in his life and the full presence of His Spirit in that beautiful dwelling place called Holy Family.

I am continually amazed at God and how He shows himself faithful throughout generations.  With each, it seems the Bride of Christ is better perfected.

Even I can still be moved by His gentle spirit and the beautiful trappings and relics of our faith.

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